A House Full of Men by Parinda Joshi | Book Review

“She had lost everything to that watched moment, the womb that had created and crafted her, the hand that had fed her soul, the heart that had comforted her with the warmth of a thousand blankets. All of a sudden life had become fleeting and vulnerable and meaningless.”

Shrutakirti by Devi Raghuvanshi | Book Review

Author : Devi RaghuvanshiGenre : Mythological FictionPages : 153Rating : 3/5 stars SUMMARY Shrutakirti was the daughter of king Kushadhwaj, king Janak's younger brother and queen Chandrabhaga. All the sisters Sita, Mandavi, Urmila and Shrutakirti grew up together like the most revered princesses of Mithila. Shrutakirti though youngest was the most ardent learner of mythological …

Non-fiction that reads like fiction

Well, there are certain books that rule in both fiction and non-fiction genres. They tell stories about people and places as if you are reading history and sweep you and your imagination along, will compel by the characters and the story as you would when reading a novel and at the same time give life lessons. Below are few books which have the same purpose.

Liner| Chris Coppel | Book Review

While David is enjoying, reviving, and discovering more about life, he finds strange things happening on the cruise and gets curious and tries to discover and solve these puzzling mysteries which are happening on the cruise.